Step One:  Please complete our Fundraising Application 

Step Two:
You and your team/group can then pre-sell fresh baked 9 roll Minibon® Cinnapacks  & or Certificates to your friends, 
co-workers & neighbours. A minimum of 50 units is required.

Each fundraising Cinnapack  and or Certificate can be sold for up to a maximum price of $13.00 each*. This maximum selling price earns you a great $3.00 profit AND it also gives your supporter a savings off the regular retail price. Frosting cups are not included with this package* Price subject change without notice

Step Three:
Approved orders must be booked a minimum of 10 days before date required for pick up. All orders must be prepaid 48 hrs in advance of orders being baked. We accept:
We offer our World Famous Cinnabon Rolls at a special discounted price to help local charities raise money for themselves and to give your supporters a significant savings off of our regular retail price, Everybody wins!

Due to our special discounted pricing, we are not able to provide our special fundraising price to 3rd party wholesalers or to those wishing to sell our products individually. Our fresh baked 9 Minibon Roll Fundraising box must be sold as is and not each roll sold separately.

​To qualify groups & associations must be non-profit, as defined below: 

Educational; Funds support schools and related organizations

Charitable; Funds support non profit organizations or causes

Community / Corporate; Funds support charitable community activities 
Cash Payment or Certified Cheque
DO NOT sell Boxes or Certificates BEFORE receiving written approval that we have accepted your application request.

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more dough
Fundraise with Cinnabon Canada.  Call us toll free 1 88 88 4 ROLLS
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Pick Up and Delivery Requirements

An average sized minivan will hold 10-15 shipping boxes (200-300) CinnaPacks with seats removed. We'll be happy to assist with loading your vehicle.

All orders of fresh baked boxes must be delivered to supporters within 12 hours of pickup time to ensure optimum quality and freshness.
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9ct Minibon® Certificates are an ideal option for schools & other tree nut or peanut allergy sensitive environments. 
2 oz portion cup of frosting not included